Nootropics… Say what?!

Nootropics are an ever-expanding group of substances with diverse compositions and biochemical functions that lead to the activation of integrative brain mechanisms, improving functions such as cognition, memory, motivation, among others. Giurgea was the Romanian chemist who coined the term Nootropic, which he used to describe his new product, Piracetam, which was used both as a Nootropic and as medicine for conditions such as dementia, depression and anxiety. After Piracetam, a whole range of chemically similar racetams were developed. Nowadays, the Nootropics market has developed and demand is ever-increasing. The initial hype in Russia quickly spread to Silicon Valley, and now anyone who’s looking for ways to enhance their brain (and themselves) without addiction or harmful side effects is turning to Nootropics.

So… Is this legal?

Yes. Both caffeine and L-theanine are inherently legal substances and their sale, as long as it’s for personal use, doesn’t require a license or a prescription. Our products are manufactured in the UK by a cGMP laboratory, compliant with the highest standards of the industry. This specific formula is accepted by both the FDA and EFSA and the TwentyFive Hour Pill has been registered under EFSA jurisdiction.

But what is in a TwentyFive Hour pill? And what does it do?

Each pill has 100mg of caffeine and 200mg of L-theanine, giving you the best of both worlds: caffeine’s enhanced alertness and performance and L-theanine’s relaxation and focus. For more information on the components or their synergy, read our “Learn More” section.

Why so simple?

Because why would you mess up something that works? The combined action of caffeine and L-theanine provide the desired effect, giving you more energy and focus without side effects or dependency. Other substances could be ingested along with these two, but they would either be irrelevant to the desired effect or provide a new one altogether giving space to undesired interactions.

But what’s wrong with my current habits? Why should I take TwentyFive instead?

Well, if you drink coffee, you’ve probably noticed the cyclic nature of your energy peaks and lows, which are never nice. Worse than that, you might have experienced jitters, headaches, racy heart rhythm and increased blood pressure.

If energy drinks are your thing, maybe you should take a look at the labels. From harmful chemicals to the huge amounts of sugar (even if it’s calorie free) and the overall calories of the drink, they don’t seem so appealing. Problems such as diabetes, weight gain or others can certainly be potentiated by this type of product.

If your choice is between TwentyFive and another drug (from ther nootropics to adderall), ask yourself: will this other drug have the effect I desire, and is it as chemically simple as possible? With its 2:1 ratio of L-theanine to caffeine, TwentyFive is the simplest way to get the energy&focus you need!

I’m sold, how many can I take? What’s the best way to take TwentyFive?

A maximum of four pills a day is advised. You can take TwentyFive whenever you feel like you need a boost in your energy&focus, and you can even take up to two or three at a time!